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Without doubt the best type of garage door available. No other door type can compare with this door. It is superior to anything else on the market! The Sectional Door can easily be made to suit any size or shape of opening, from single width to double and even triple width openings. It can easily be made to accommodate door heights up to 10 metres and more. "Daylight" openings can be square, rectangular, arched or any other shape desired. The door comprises a number of sections which are hinged together and which run on rollers in a guide track. When automated, this is the safest, most reliable and most secure door there is. It is also an easy door to service and repair ! Its one disadvantage: it is the more expensive than other door types available.


A low price has ensured the popularity of this type of door. Whilst it can be used for a wide variety of opening shapes, there are limits to the size of opening that can be covered! Also, automation of this type of door requires some special adaptor kits and installation techniques. Automation of a Steel Roll-Up door is more expensive than that for a Sectional Door and often costs more than the door itself.


Until a few years ago, a very popular type of door for domestic applications. The emergence of the sectional type door has relegated the Tip-Up type door to the garage door museum. In the USA, for example, this type of door now has less than 10 % of the market share and probably less than 20% in South Africa and reducing. The door passes through the opening as it moves and when fully opened is partially inside and partially outside of the garage. The "one-piece" Tip-Up door has one major disadvantage; it can only be used in openings which are square or rectangular in shape. No "arched" openings allowed. Hi It also reduces the usable opening height by up to 150 mm which rules it out of contention for garages used by 4 x 4 vehicles.

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