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A Garage Door will only work as well as it is installed and installing the right door for the garage starts with correctly measuring the garage…
The garage measurements are used to specify what size garage door and garage door hardware is required or whether your vehicle will fit in the garage once the garage door is installed. All measurements are taken from inside the garage facing outward.

To determine the right/left hand of a garage door we always look at the opening, door and all hardware from inside of the garage looking out.

      LHS = Left Hand Side | RHS = Right Hand Side
      Measurements in millimetres only.

1. Daylight Opening – Measure the Height and Width of the opening, these are the inside dimensions of the garage door jamb.
2. Nibs – Measure the clearance to the Left and the Right of the Garage Door Jamb. LHS = Left Hand Side | RHS = Right Hand Side.
3. Headroom – Measure the headroom above the top of the daylight opening.
4. Backroom – Measure the backroom. This space is needed for the tracks and an open door.
5. Obstruction – Take note of any obstructions or other objects that will interfere with the garage door track or it’s operation. The nearest obstruction may be something such as pipes, support beams, heating ducts, lighting, drop-down stairways, etc. Obstructions must be taken into consideration in the headroom, side room and backroom measurements.
6. Power Source – When automation is being considered, a 15 amp, 3-pin plug point must be available exclusively for the door motor and should be positioned within 1.2m of where the operator will be secured.
7. Alternative Entrance – If there is no alternative entrance a emergency key release needs to be installed with the automation.
8. Is the Structure Finished? – If not, the sizes taken will not match up with the final size once the structure is finished.

Daylight opening industry standards:

Single Standard: 2440w x 2135h (8 ft w x 7 ft h)
Double Standard: 4880w x 2135h (16 ft w x 7 ft h)

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