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The table on the right shows the recommended and absolute minimum amount of "Working Space" that is required for the normal installation of standard size Sectional doors. If the space available is less than that stated here, then special equipment will be required to undertake the installation. The "daylight" opening sizes for Tip-Up and Steel Roll-Up type doors is the same as for Sectional type doors.

Certain assumptions have been made, i.e:

1. The opening sizes are standard.

2. The structure is level, square, plumb and true as the case may be.

3. For Sectional Doors, the door panel overlaps the opening by no more than 30 mm at the top and sides.

Standard Opening Sizes

Single Size Doors : 2440 mm Wide x 2135mm High

Double Size Doors : 4880 mm Wide x 2135mm High

Caravan Height Doors : The height of caravan doors will depend on whether a S Section or a 6 Section, ( or even more sections ), are to be used. A daylight opening height of 2560 mm is normally sufficient for caravans, Minibus and 4x4 vehicles with roof-racks.

Minimum Space Required for Standard Size Sectional Doors - Recommended and (absolute minimum)


      Automatic door = 425mm (375mm)

      Manual door = 325mm (290mm)

Nibs (both sides): = 150mm (120 mm)

Centre Column: 330mm (240mm)


      Autormatic door: 3100 mm (NA)

      Manual door: 2650mm (2450mm)

Overall garage width

      Single size door 2740mm (2680mm)

      Double size door 5180mm (5120mm)

Take note of the minimums required ! If the space available is less than the minimums stated, special equipment will be required. These dimensions will be affected by the design of the door, i.e. if the door is a 4 or 5 section door and also, each manufacturer may make the door sections a little wider or higher than the next one. If no side access door is provided then extra equipment will have to be installed if the door is to be automated, ( e.g. an "Emergency Key-release Mechanism" ). Power Supply: A 3 Pin 15 A - Single Phase socket outlet, 3 000 mm back from the opening and approximately 300 mm off the door centre-line is ideal.

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