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HYYP Digital Security Enhancement

The HYYP security enhancement allows you to control your entire alarm system including but not limited to your normal alarm, gate motor and garage door motor from your cell phone. You have complete control from the palm of your hand.

Electric Fence , Energiser, Nemtek, We have built a solid foundation of protecting our large client base, making use of both physical and electronic security. Stallion Domestic identifies risk first, understands the immediate and future needs and plans a security strategy to not only provide a top drawer service but also looks at ways to reduce costs by implementing electronic security

Electric Fence , Energiser, Nemtek, solutions. Replacing some physical security with electronic solutions will enhance your security exponentially and in most cases will reduce your cost.With an understanding that physical security will always have a major role to play, the

Electric Fence , Energiser, Nemtek, advantages of combining the solutions has become paramount. Dedicated vehicles, manned by Reaction Officers. Dedicated alarm monitoring and response