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NBCEI 17516

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ET 500 Control Card

For all ET 500 & 600 slide gate motors


ET Umpeta Control Card

For ET Umpeta gate motor


ET Drive 500 Control Card

For ET Drive 500 & ET Drive 600 slide gate motors


ET Drive 1000 Control Card

For ET Drive 1000 gate motor

Security System, Alarm, Remote Site Monitoring - Servicing clients nationally, we offer a multi-platform, remote off-site CCTV monitoring service which primarily focuses on event-based monitoring, we also use a combination of hard wire alarm peripherals, video analytics rule breaches, License Plate Recognition alerts and alarm activations to ensure our clients premises are

Security System, Alarm, suitably secured. We understand that surveillance is an essential component of many perimeter security systems today, as it acts both as a deterrent and provides early warning against perpetrators. However, in many instances a detailed image of the

Security System, Alarm, perpetrators are not required, and standard CCTV imaging has limited application in certain environments, particularly when large scale or challenging outdoor areas need to be monitored. Our thermal imaging cameras are the ideal solution to this challenge, as they do not require additional lighting and can operate just as effectively during the day as at night.

Security System, Alarm, Complemented with Video Analytics, this combination reduces false alarms and becomes a stable off-site monitoring tool.